ASAC 2022 – International Altay Communities Symposium – X (First Circular)

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you of the symposium entitled International Altay Communities Symposium – X: Food and Nutrition Culture to be held on September 27- 30, 2022, hosted by Tashkent State Oriental University in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

This symposium, which will be the continuation of previous ones we have organized under the title “Altay Communities Symposium”, will address the food and nutrition culture of the Altay people and communities. The scope of the symposium includes sources from prehistorical and subsequent periods (archeological findings, rock-face pictures, written and oral sources) and information derived from these sources; the hunting period in the historical development of food and nutrition, wild plants, the domestication of plants and their use; terms related to food and nutrition and the etymology of these terms; methods of food preparation, cooking, and preserving, and the development of these methods; drinks related to food and nutrition (such as kymyz, kefir, airan, shoro and kymran); traditions of ‘orun’ (position) and ülüsh (meat portions) at family meals, especially the families of rulers like ‘kağan’, ‘hakan’ and others; food and nutrition culture related to religion, beliefs and special days (birthdays, engagements, matrimony, death and sacred days). The aim of our symposium, which will document and make comparisons vis-a-vis food and nutrition culture from the past to the present, is to determine the role of food and nutrition in the formation of the civilization values and identities of the Altay peoples and communities.

In the framework of the stated topics, discussion sessions and panels will be formulated at this symposium about “Altay Communities”.

After evaluation by the Symposium Vetting Committee, the papers submitted for the symposium will be placed in the program in accordance with their themes and contents.

The abstracts for the individual papers to be submitted for the symposium should not exceed 300 words.

A panel will be made up of three or four individuals, including the panel leader. The panel leaders are responsible for both ensuring the general coordination of the panel members to present their views and approaches and for making sure there is enough time for discussion. For this reason, the panel leaders have the right to invite the panel members they want. The panel proposal should explain the contribution of each individual paper to be presented on the panel, with regard to topic and justification. The abstract of each paper on the panel should be 300 words, at most.

Paper presentation periods in panels and sessions are 15 minutes.

It is planned that 100 papers will be accepted for the symposium. Preference will be shown for papers that are original, explore previously unexplored topics and spark interest in the scholarly community. In order for the symposium to reach a high level, panels and individual paper abstracts will be examined by the Vetting Committee and those accepted and those not accepted will be made known to the concerned individuals. The authority to dispose of the number of papers belongs to the Organizing Committee.

Symposium Calendar:

Send abstracts: 15 March 2022

Panels and paper presenters must fill out the attached Registration Form and provide an abstract of not more than 300 words.

Announcement of the accepted panels and papers: 1 May 2022

Paper languages: Altay languages, English, French, German and Russian.

The airplane and hotel expenses of those who will participate with their papers in the symposium are their own responsibility. Participants can stay at either the hotels we recommend of ones of their own preference, but in any case all expenses are the responsibility of the participants.

With our respects,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Gulchekhra Rikhsieva

Prof. Dr. İlhan Şahin

*Please send the Registration Form and the paper abstract to the address provided below:



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